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Laurie Edge-Hughes


Laurie Edge-Hughes is a physiotherapist from Calgary, Canada.  She began working with animals in the early 90’s and holds a Certification in Canine Rehab and a Master’s Degree in Animal Physiotherapy, as well as certifications in medical acupuncture (in both humans and small animals).  Laurie taught the first canine physiotherapy courses in Canada, the USA, and Australia. She is a sought-after lecturer and instructor in North America and abroad.  Her primary teaching platform is now, an online educational website. Laurie co-owns and practices out of The Canine Fitness Centre in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  She also owns and operates Two Hands Physiotherapy (a small clinic dedicated to physiotherapy needs of dog owners!)  In 2020, she was awarded the inaugural Veterinary Rehabilitation Therapist Award by the International Association of Veterinary Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy and in 2021 was awarded a Medal of Distinction by the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.  In her spare time she sits on the boards of the Animal Rehab Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, the Ontario Animal Owners Association, the Alberta Animal Owners Association, and the Registry of Allied Animal Health Practitioners of Canada.  Additionally, she tends to a husband, kids, dogs, chickens and cows.  Sleep and socializing are over-rated!

Treatment Type: Animal Rehab


Language: English

Clinic: The Canine Fitness Centre Ltd.

Address: 4515 Manhattan Rd SE, Calgary, , Alberta  T2G 4B3

Telephone: (403)-204-0823


Accessibility: Private Rooms Available, Service Animals Welcome

Payment Options: Credit Card Payment

Walkins/Referrals: Saturday Appointments Available, Please call to schedule your appointment

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